Art Fund: Make the Art Pass appeal to students

Problem: University students are not aware of the Student Art Pass from the Art Fund and do not realise its benefits. Insight : With exposure to art our brain produces dopamine. Solution: make students aware that with the Student Art Pass it is their cheap fix to getting high.

Make the Art Pass appeal to students

Art Fund:

Regional posters

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These Facebook videos will be tailored to target different Universities across the nation. Here are examples for Falmouth University and London Universities.

The copy “pick up” is a well known term used by young people to refer to where drugs can be purchased from. 

To cut through the freshers fayre clutter the Art Fund will erect a tent at university fresher’s fayres. This is a place where fresher’s can experience a real ‘hit’ of dopamine. 

Inside the tent it will be blacked out apart from art work on the walls with a dim light shining on the art accompanied with explanatory text about the effects of art and dopamine. 

In the corner of the tent will be a guy with a black hood up asking people do they want some dope and a cheap fix, this where the Art Fund card will be for sale, in a clear plastic typical style drug bag.