Green Party: Pressure UK government to tackle air pollution

Problem: There are illegal levels of air pollution in London, resulting in the great smog of 2017. Insight: London commuters are the worst effected, nearly 10,000 people died in 2017 as a result of air pollution. Solution: Create a responsive campaign during days of extreme pollution from the Green Party to pressure the UK Government to do more and make clean air a human right.

London Evening Standard mask hand out

The newspaper would include a pollution mask that when worn during the smog would react to the pollution in the air and reveal the campaign message.

Green Party:


Pressure UK government to tackle air pollution


Target commuters during the evening rush hour on high pollution days.

Google Map collaboration. Activated on days of high air pollution in London.

Call to Action: Selfie Signature



Showing the government that it's real people that are effected by air pollution, the CTA would ask commuters to send a selfie signature with their email address to the UK Government Twitter feed. If they don't have a physical mask to use a digital filter can be used via the Green Party website.