Sustrans: Encourage university students to cycle

Problem: Sustrans is the charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle, however a UK wide university student demographic don't know the great benefits of the charity. Insight: Riding a bicycle gives you a heightened sense of freedom over other forms of transport. Solution: Celebrate the benefits of cycling using relevant medias and launch a Sustrans app which rethinks commuting by bicycle.


Encourage university students to cycle

The Bike For Freedom app is the main hub and place to discover routes, finding out how much money the user has saved by cycling rather than pubic transport, watch the cycle proficiency VR video and read the monthly Sustrans news. With the ‘ride’ feature students can find out more about NCN routes. The ‘bike buds’ feature allows users to link up with other cyclists using the app and commute together. The rewards page shows how much money the user has saved by not taking the bus and how many calories they have burnt. They’re able to share their achievement on Facebook and Twitter to show off to their friends and consequently entice them to start cycling and using Sustrans.

Often when students start life at University in the UK they're given a Dig In welcome pack. Located inside the box will be the Sustrans welcome pack, which includes the essentials to get students cycling, how to download the app and information of upcoming events.

Sustrans would create a cycling proficiency video like no other, using VR the user would be fully engaged in cycling scenarios to learn about safety on the road. The VR video is playable via the new Sustrans app and best experienced with the Google cardboard which comes with the University welcome pack.